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FD Recruit is an innovative and professional arm of FAS DEC Group, committed to providing holistic Human Resources solutions. Since its inception, FD Recruit has grown to develop a professional team of associates, each of whom bring their own industry knowledge, services and expertise to the organization.

YOUNG business unit

At Bangalore Viable team of 30 consultants to provide the highest quality executive search services in the industry, as measured by the comprehensive nature of our search process, the caliber of the candidates we present, and the success of those candidates in our clients’ organizations. to this end, FD Recruit is committed to the highest level of professionalism in every aspect of our business life: in the results we achieve, in the ethics of our practice, and in our ongoing relationships with clients,candidates, and colleagues alike.


• Executive search
• Staffing
• Recruitment process
• Outsourcing payroll processing
• Training & development
• Campus recruitments
• Compensation survey
• Background verification
• HR events

Clients choose FD Recruit when they want to work in partnership with their consultant, want strategic advice as well as flawless administration and execution of their HR programs, want best-practice advice and solutions tailored to their business and environment, need global and/or local perspectives and resources or need a precise approach that matches their requirements both technically and culturally effective communication, outstanding quality and integrity have been the guiding principles when serving our clients enabling us to have a trustful business relationship.


FD Recruit understands that there are many competent agencies one can work with, but that, ultimately, it's people, process and culture that make the difference. So, when all input conditions are met, we know that people would like to partner with a service provider with which they can build a long-lasting relationship based on trust, association and understanding.

FD Recruit’s culture is very much in harmony with the aspirations and ethos of our clients. We are transparent and honest in our dealings and we are sensitive to the needs of all organizations to spend wisely.

Industry Specific

• FCRT (FMCG, Consumer Durables, Retail, Telecom) | ISS
• Generic | ISS
• Manufacturing | ISS
• International Market | ISS
• Technology Specific
• TSS | Mainframes
• TSS | TIS (Technology Infrastructure Services)
• TSS | Telecom & Datacom technologies

Included here are some of the clients we've had the pleasure of working with and those whose trust we think we've gained in the process.