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Our Methodology

We employ simple methodology in running our business machinery.

Our methodology relies on knowledge and core competence that gives us the desired results. We put in continuous efforts and work hard to widen our processes and methodology to generate maximum results. We understand that with practice of a proper methodology we can ensure and provide our clients the excellent quality for all the services that we ought to offer them.

All our methodology is based on client specific needs and requirements and using them we perform all necessary actions and ensuring that the actual process results in reaching and attaining the client’s ultimate requirement.

In Fasdec our client is indispensable and form an integral part of our development cycle and  all activities relating to the project are informed to the client to get their feedback and opinion .After the actual project is delivered we ensure ease in usage by offering training, maintenance and with ongoing support.

We follow different Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies based on the projects that we handle.


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